Twin Shaft G.L.M.


  • Provided of 2 mixing shafts, mixing shovels are coated of series with Ny-Hard CH3 cast iron thickness 30 mm.; the sidewalls of the tank are coated of HARDOX 400 while the bottom is supplied with  interchangeable tiles in  Ny-Hard cast iron thickness 20mm.
  • The mixing system spiral type generate an intense turbulence in the internal of the tank disaggregating and distributing the components in a perfectly homogeneous system within extremely reduced discharging times.
  • The special inclination of the mixing shovels towards the centre of the tank generate a circular movement that allows to obtain a production system homogeneous
  • Unloading system with 1 opening handled via 1oil-dynamic cylinder allows a quick material discharge, without residual material
  • Mixing reducer by a primary Italian manufacturer with oil-bath gears.
  • Mixers extremely compact, provided with skip up to 4500 of compacted concrete provided of anti-fall, loading, waiting, unloading and emergency micron and anti-dust system of series.